Rob Oswin Changes Name Back to RAW Boswin

Posted by RAW Boswin on 1st October 2010 in News

RAW Boswin, Yep! That’s Right! Ever since I can remember, I have thought of my music as a team effort. Although I am the feedstock and catalyst sytem, I still need a lot of help to make my music. That is why I have always wanted to front my music as RAW Boswin. I feel the music is more an result of an entity, rather than an individual.

I had a buddy, still do (Terry Cooke), who always came to my rescue if someone was trying to put me down. I was always a little bit of an entertainer, and was the brunt of a few practical jokes, One day somebody wrote some graffiti in Center Wing at Ross Shepard Composite High School to the effect of:

is a

To which Terry took notice of and reached for his red felt pen. Without missing a step he reached towards the wall and finished the graffiti…

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We all roared with laughter and from that day forward, I became known as Kickface. I did not begin using the “RAH” until I became more serious about my music, and once I did I figured “RAW” was better descriptor than “RAH”. I was RAW Boswin from 1988 until 2000 when I released “The Hard Way”. I had actually prepared all of the CD artwork using my pseudonym when I was talked out of it at the very last minute, You should always trust your first instinct when it come to things that really don’t matter that much…

Oh well, I guess that will make the first run of “Rob Oswin – The Hard Way” a collector’s item….

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