#EpsteinsIsland 2 ~ #GuantanamoStay:

Posted by RAW Boswin on 16th March 2021 in

Another @RAWQBoswin and @EyeDropMedia presentation:👇🐸

Whats This! More #LostFootage from #EpsteinsIsland!

Whatever became of those #CoupCabal Castaways? Only a few decades later & they are #IslandHopping in the Caribbean again! From #EpsteinIsland to #Gitmo they’re making waves during their #GuantanamoStay at #GuantanamoBay #ThesePeopleAreSick

Epstein’s Island 2 : Island HoppingA @RAWQBoswin and @EyeDropMedia Presentation

Now this is a tale the rats and snakes…
Have feared for a long long time
Their 747 sits
Then makes an uphill climb…
It looks like GITMO Time

The First-mate, and his Skipper too,
Will be put to their deaths
We’ll make the “others” comfortable
With an EPIC Mass Arrest.
Electric chairs for every guest!

No Phones, No Bribes, No more cigars,
Not a single Hung Jury…
Trump promised us he’d do so
Now Hillary’s in Camp D!
On Guantanamo Bay TV

So join us here its bleak, my friend,
You’re sure to get a smile,
So many slimey Rats and Snakes ,
Here on Castro’s Isle!

Music by George Wyle
& Sherwood Schwartz
Performed by RAW Q Boswin and the Egg Dicks
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