New CD “The Hard Way” from Rob Oswin Now Available!

Posted by RAW Boswin on 14th September 2010 in News

It’s here! 12 original tracks recorded with tender loving care by some of the coolest musicians in Canada. The CD features the musical stylings of Steve Pineo, Tanya Kalmanovitch, Pat McGannon, Walter Marx, Danny Patton, Ross Watson, Ron Casat and of course, Rob Oswin (a.k.a. RAW Boswin). The music can be categorized as adult contemporary, and draws from influences ranging from Supertramp and Pink Floyd to the folk roots of Stan Rogers. This “easy-to-like” collection of roots rock is now available for download, or you can order the entire CD (including a 16 page booklet with lyrics and stories) from RAW’s Set Lists.

“I have made quite a few recordings in my days, but I have never been so completely satisfied with the end result before”, remarks Rob, “The time spent, the songs chosen and the players employed all seemed to make the project stronger and stronger at every turn.”

These words he speaks are true, the disc is no doubt, one of the best independent offerings to come along in years. Engineer and producer Danny Patton has worked with many great acts in the past including Jan Arden, Karl Roth, Mae Moore and Steve Pineo. He has now spent some “quality time” in sessions with Rob Oswin and the CD speaks for itself.

Rob is busy promoting the new CD to the local media and will keep the site updated as reviews and critics compile. “I am curious to hear what they have to say” Rob pauses and laughs, “You never know, they might even like it!”

The plan is to try to penetrate overseas markets with the disc. In particular, the Asian market. Rob has always wanted to travel through the Orient and sees this CD as a “free ride”. He claims it is easier to be a hero in a foreign land than it is to be at home. Isn’t that ironic? Don’t you think?

We will keep you posted as the reviews come in.

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