Rob Oswin Hard Way CD Sales Reach 1000

Posted by RAW Boswin on 14th September 2010 in News

That didn’t take long… well for Bon Jovi it might not look a lot like success, but for me, this suits me just fine.

I am in this to make music. If I can sell it too, well that would be just great. The key is radio play. Even though I have moved quite a few CD’s, I guess my fans don’t listen to CKUA, or their phones don’t dial out?

1000 CD’s to an Independent like me is no easy task. When asked how I managed the sales, I answer, “I have been doing a lot of travelling with NOVA over the last years and have been promoting both “The Hard Way” and In this manner I have been able to promote my disc in almost every part of North America. I guess ny Plastics buddies like to throw the disc in while they entertain and say, “I know this guy!”. I am no rocket scientist, but I think that has really helped boost sales. Now I need airplay.

When asked about a video for “The Hard Way” CD, I respond, I think I will shoot one as soon as I loose about 15 pounds. I will be shooting a video very soon, I promise.

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