RAW Boswin Buys Hard Disc Recording System to Record the Second CD

Posted by RAW Boswin on 14th September 2010 in News

It all started one miserable day when I went to my mailbox. It was shortly after I had finished the recording and release of “The Hard Way”. The bills were thick and furious, but one envelope carried far more significance than all of the others put together.

The Canada Customs and Revenue Agency (CCRA) had sent me a little note. It seemed that they wanted to get to know Rob Oswin(Polyethylene Boy), Raw Boswin and LittleDitty.com Inc a whole lot better. This was a blow. On top of that, my family was going through a tough time with the illness of my Grandfather.

Over the course of the next 2 years, the CCRA administered a thorough butt-reaming on me and my affairs. I was so damned tired of the whole thing, and distracted with my family situation, that I decided to withdraw from the life I had worked so hard at… Music.

Two years later and a whole lot of blood, sweat, tears, dollars and sleepless nights, the audit finally subsided. Mr. Don Taniguchi of Luna Clarke and Associates was my Accountant in shining armour. He unleashed his knowledge on the bastards at the CCRA and eventually had the audit settled to my advantage. As a matter of fact, when the government was done with me, they had paid down some of my debt and bought me a Protools Recording Studio capable of recording my next disc on. I guess what they were saying was, “Keep up the good work!”

Thank-you Mr. Right Honorable Jean Chretien!!!!!! Isn’t Democracy wonderful?

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